[EN] Rebuild Can Vies!


The #ReconstruïmCanVies process was launched on May 31 when more than a thousand people worked on rubble removal in the demolished chapel. That day, the collective boost made everyone dream about recovering what the City Council and the District of Sants-Montjuïc, through TMB (Public Transport Corporation) wanted to take us away. We recovered the street, lost our fear and empowered ourselves to stay there: to rebuild in peace what they violently destroyed.
Why do we want to rebuild Can Vies?

Because we have the opportunity to see Can Vies reborn and return it to what it was and still is: our community heritage. Support and solidarity have made possible the new collective reconstruction project and now we need the help of each and all of you to take it forward.
To make Can Vies a gathering space for diversity and anti-capitalist struggles speaker again, we want to share the process with you in a transparent manner, explaining clearly where these contributions that will make this collective dream come true will go.
How do we want to rebuild?

Rebuilding in a participatory manner.
It requires order and planning, but we want this task to be as transparent and symbolic as possible, as this social center is a node in a larger network involving every neighborhood.

Combining professional work with people wanting to do their little part.
To work with these ingredients we need a project that defines what, how and when to do every thing that we, collectively, decide is necessary.

Participative and collective process.
We’ll have to define which applications we’ll give to the different Can Vies spaces, the assistance levels and especially the more active part: doing everything with our own hands.
It’s sad to ask for money, but usury is sadder

70,000€ is a number that frightens humble people.
An insignificant number for the ruling usurer elites.


We are sure we will succeed with collective effort.
That’s why we want you to feel part of the project not only by financial contributions. We need you to spread this project and make it extensible across borders: to generate graphics, articles, videos or whatever you can imagine to extend again the flame of self-management.

A starting point to start dreaming.
It seems a lot of money but, at the time, it’s not enough. This is a process in constant reformulation, in constant assembly process with technical commissions that, depending on the budget, will project a more or less symbolic reconstruction.

A starting point to stop feeling alone.
This figure covers a part of the repressive costs that one week of demonstrations meant and will mean. A small contribution to help the prisoners and detainees breathe and feel accompanied.

It is a common responsibility.
It is the dignity of below against above!
How will we invest these contributions?

Contributions will allow us to consider rebuilding Can Vies. Only for this part of the budget we need 40,000 €. There are many factors involved and our numbers are approximate and not final. We work in assemblies, and our steps are short, but the road is very long.

The responsibility of this destruction belongs to the City Council, but we don’t want to ask for anything to those who wanted to take everything from us. We finally agreed to let them do the shore up and rubble removal work inside the building, to make it sure and no one is injured. But we won’t accept their timetables nor the counterparts of a staged media. We want them to leave us alone and let us rebuild quietly what the neighbourhood wants the way we decide to do it.

We know that rehabilitating a building like this requires a big amount of money. The money obtained from the contributions of sponsors will be allocated to management jobs, insurances for people who want to collaborate actively, recruiting professional workforce in situations that require it, and 30% of budget purchase of material.
Resistance coin bank

Also, 30,000€ will be distributed between Rereguarda en Moviment and Alerta Solidària to afford the legal costs of the 67 arrested during the week of protests by the # EfecteCanVies.
They have initiated legal proceedings against dozens of prisoners, and we will also start more against them for violating basic human rights.
We will also initiate complaints because dozens of people suffered injuries, some of them very serious, result of police actions. People was also kettled by police on May 31 early ours, and there they were forced to be photographed with clothes that were not theirs, to make false evidences that could incriminate them.
We will not leave our partners alone: now more than ever, let’s extend solidarity.
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[EN/NL] Valreep being evicted in Amsterdam right now


[English below]

Zoals jullie waarschijnlijk hebben gezien in de media is het einde nu heel erg nabij. Voor zaterdag zullen we er niet meer zijn, hoogstwaarschijnlijk zal de ontruiming morgenochtend plaatsvinden. Terwijl de gemeente nog lekker warm in bed ligt met OCP, zullen wij met zonsopgang alles uit de kast trekken om er een onvergetelijke ontruiming van te maken. Er zal een podium zijn met live muziek bij de opgeworpen barricades, er zullen mensen nog even vastgeketend thuisblijven, en onze dappere blauwe vrienden zullen het uniformgehalte komen opvoeren!

[EN] Background to arrest of David Correia

We stand in solidarity with our fellow David Correia.

David was arrested a few days ago while demonstrating peacefully at the Major’s office in Albuquerque against police violence. The university authorities, instead of supporting him, have distanced themselves.

[EN] Letter in Support of David Correia

The Editors of the journal Capitalism Nature Socialism are deeply disappointed by the University of New Mexico Administration distancing themselves from their Associate Professor of American Studies and our Senior Editor, David Correia, who has been unjustifiably arrested and charged with a felony during a peaceful protest). In doing so, The University of New Mexico Administration have missed an opportunity to make a clear statement in support of the academic freedom of a faculty member.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the violent intervention of the police against peaceful protesters, including David Correia, gathered at the Albuquerque City Council this 2nd of June 2014. It is an outrage that a police department should act in such repressive manner, running roughshod over the right to peaceful protest and free speech. Since the Department of Justice has found the Albuquerque Police Department to have broken federal law in killing 26 people since 2010, it is that police department that should be charged with crimes and taken to court, rather than the peaceful demonstrators arrested.

The Administration of the University of New Mexico, in failing to make a clear statement supportive of David Correia and in genuflecting to the Albuquerque City Council and Police Department, are sacrificing academic freedom at the altar of political expedience. We therefore beseech all people of good will to bring counter-pressure on the Albuquerque City Council and Police Department to desist from harassing David Correia and all involved in protesting police brutality and to express their perplexity at the Administration of the University of New Mexico for their failure to take a stand against repression.

Salvatore Engel-Di Mauro
Chief Editor
Capitalism Nature Socialism

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Reconstrucció de Can Vies. 31-05-2014



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