The MOVOKEUR project is running from 2012-2014 and aims to research the evolution of the political squatters’ movement in cities across Western Europe.

In particular we want to explain that evolution according to the different legal, urban, socio-cultural and political contexts; the different cycles of mobilisation; and the strategic interactions between squatters, authorities, owners and other social organizations.

Two principal questions arise within this theoretical framework:

  1. How are social identities set up through different practices of squatting, cultural expressions, discourses and social networks?
  2. What kind of ‘institutionalisation regimes’ have taken place according to different urban settings and different models of strategic interactions?

Systematic comparison between cities can provide, then, a general test of patterns and relevant singularities in terms of four factors, namely contexts, cycles, identities and institutionalisation.

MOVOKEUR research project CSO2011-23079 (The Squatters Movement in Spain and Europe: Contexts, Cycles, Identities and Institutionalisation, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation 2012-2014).