ENG – Berlin program

SqEK conference Berlin


Tuesday, March 29
1pm-4pm – Governance and discourse about squatting; Dominant discourses on squatting in UK; Squats and urban governance in Paris; The Right to the City: To use or not to use urban space – records from Amsterdam and Düsseldorf
4pm-7pm – Database project: Italy/Rome – Netherlands/Amsterdam – Towards a database of squats in Madrid

Wednesday, March 30
1pm-4pm – Transfer: Squatters, places, cultures, tactics – How things move inside movements
7:30pm, Mehringhof – Public Meeting: Current Situation of Squatting in Europe

Thursday, March 31
1pm-4pm – How things are linked – from squatters to politics – A trial of squatters in Paris in 1955 – Between political opportunities and strategic choices: The protest campaign against eviction of CPO Experia in Catania (Sicily) – Configurations of squatting, especially conservational squatting – The influence of squatter movements on urban renewal and politics in Barcelona and Berlin
4pm-7pm – Without ending… House Magic: Circulating movement information in the sphere of art – Legality of squatting – Socio-legal framework for squatting in Spain

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